Meet Our Team

Dianna Aufdermauer

Fashion Design Instructor

I have been in love with fashion since my childhood. I designed my first fashion line and put my first fashion show on when I was five using the fabric scraps from my mother’s sewing projects to create clothes for my Barbies then showing them to everyone in the house. I started sewing proper at fourteen after I asked my mother to teach me how to sew. She gave me some fabric, showed me how to thread the machine, and told me to have at it. And have at it I did. I found my passion and my love in the act of creation and I never looked back. I graduated from the Art Institute of Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Art in Fashion Design and I especially love vintage fashions and circle skirts. Fashion is just one part of my life though; I am an avid learner and recently started learning how to bake sourdough bread. I also enjoy dancing, finding natural ways to take care of my family, and checking things off my bucket list. Oh, and someday I want to be a mermaid.

VaLlarey Gandy

Fashion & Sewing Assistant

Hello, my name is VaLlarey and I have been designing since I was a child. I would create outfits for my cats, much to their disappointment, and parade them in my fashion shows. I must admit they were the best-dressed cats in town.  At age 15 my mom gave me my first sewing machine and I had to learn to sew on my own.  I continued to design and sew throughout my teens making prom dresses, concert outfits, and costumes until I found the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA. I spent my first year at FIDM and after a hiatus (becoming a wife and mother), I finished my education at the International Academy Of Design Technology in Tampa, Florida where I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I have four amazing children who are artists and designers themselves. Every day they support my design dreams and challenge me to be a better person. I'm an adventurer and love exploring or learning new things. Currently, I am taking a hip hop dance class. When I want to relax I enjoy reading & sketching. I am also passionate about crystals & cats, which I have compared to potato chips as I can't have just one! 


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