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COVID Procedures

We fully understand this is an uncertain time for all of us and know that many families may not yet feel comfortable participating in an in-person classroom environment. While we at YADCA are opening class for in-person participation, we are working towards keeping our space as safe and healthy as possible for all participating families. Please note the following guidelines for all classes until further notice.

  1. Classes will be drop-off only to keep space occupancy low per state-recommended guidelines.

  2. Children + staff are to wash or sanitize hands at the beginning of each class.

  3. All staff and students ages 9+ without underlying conditions will be required to wear masks, per the Governor's current mandate. We will have extra masks available for anyone who needs one. Please contact us to discuss individual circumstances preventing you or your child from wearing a mask during class.

  4. Each child will have their own designated station with their own supplies required for class so they do not need to share. 

  5. Stations are situated as far apart as we can make them in the space that we have. This will not always be a full 6-feet apart as kids move around during class to access different stations, but we will do our very best to enforce as much distancing as possible. Our sewing stations are set up about 5-6 feet apart and our cooking stations will be approximately 3-4 feet apart. 

  6. Machines and supplies will be wiped down/sanitized after every use.

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